Child Protection Committee

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1. Fr Albert Thyrniang Don Bosco Boys’ Home, Tura 9615735530 Principal, Chair Person
2. Fr. Ranjeet Xalxo Don Bosco Boys’ Home, Tura 8415038397 Vice-Principal
3. Fr Ignatius Sangma Don Bosco Boys’ Home, Tura 9435076352 LP in charge
4. Madam Lesthabel Sangma KA Raod, Tura 9436306387 Vice-Chair Person, Secondary Asst teacher
5. Madam Zita Marak Proper Wadanang, Tura 9615636487 Secondary Asst teacher
6. Sanchi Sangma Upper Chandmari, Tura 9862888571 Secondary Asst teacher
7. Madam Silu Devi Teachers’ Quarters, DBHSS, Tura 8131869513 LP Asst teacher
8. Orino  Marak Upper Wadanang, Tura 9615300548 LP Asst teacher
9. Mayni Santha R. Sangma Forestila, Tura 9862346577 Hr Sec Asst teacher
10. Mary Cross G. Momin Near DB College, Tura 9774365134 Hr Sec Asst teacher
11. Mathias Marak Ringrey Gittim, Tura 9089256506 Secondary Asst teacher
12. Winison Sangma Jangga Wadanang, Tura 9436160285 Secondary Asst teacher
13. Madam Superna Paul Hawakhana, Tura 9436995612 UP Asst teacher
14. Madam Sengchi Sangma Spring Hills, Tura UP Asst teacher
15. Nazir Momin Proper Hawakhana, Tura 9862121692 Private Asst teacher
16. Binamin Sangma Bolsal Achik, Tura 9862146050 Private Asst teacher
17. Monitors of class X, XI and XII
18. A Girl Representative of Scout and Guides
19. A girl representative of NCC



  1. Half of the members are females
  2. The Principal is an ex-officio member and chairperson.
  3. Vice-Principal, class monitors of Class X, XI and XII are ex-officio members.
  4. Scouts and guides and NCC are entitled to nominate one girl representative each.
  5. The Committee is constituted on 24th November, 2016.
  6. The committee has been submitted to DSEO.